residential painting

Paint Wipes for Residential Painters & Decorators

Best Working Wipe, Heavy Duty Dual-Sided wipes will allow your customers to get their painting projects completed faster and make the cleanup a breeze. These wipes will stay wet longer and are very absorbent, so they will hold the paint and let you admire your work!

What are the Best Wipes for residential Painters?

Best Working Wipes products help your team clean up after tough jobs. No matter how dirty the job is, we’ve got you covered. Everyone knows that cleaning up after professional painting jobs is a difficult task so it’s critical to equip your team with the right product to get the job done. Best Working Wipes has a range of products designed to tackle clean up for any professional painting job. With their built in agitation technology, Best Working Wipes will get any dried paint off of surfaces fast. Our wipes DO NOT break apart when they get wet!