about us

our history

Orbizorb LLC is a leading company focusing on wipes that work great anywhere, especially where you do not have access to water. Orbizorb’s new brand, Best Working Wipes (BWW) has combined the best technologies available to create the best wipes for any project, job or task. Our goal is to be the best working wipe for your dirtiest needs, anywhere! Orbizorb LLC is led by a team with over 30 years of experience providing wiper solutions to the retail, industrial, safety and the Jan/San markets. Whatever your customers’ needs or uses are, Best Working Wipes has the answer.

The Best Working Wipes product range covers everything from industrial wet wipes to non-woven industrial wipes. Our products combine high quality, with affordable cost, that will  help differentiate your company and grow your business within your market segments.

From engineering, industrial, production environments, to construction and automotive markets, for contractors and mobile workers, Best Working Wipes Range has the solution.

our wipes help you clean: paint

made in the usa

We concentrate all of our efforts and manufacturing on local sources, making our wipes 100% Made in the USA. This process is ultimately better for our distributors and retailers. Plus its more efficient for us, which means those advantages trickle down to you, the customer. We are incredibly proud to be an American company.

What you can clean with our products

Get your job done faster with the help of our products. SAVE TIME! Our wipes are 20% larger and more absorbent than other wipes. With us, you can clean more efficiently with only ONE wipe. Our wipes help you clean paint, oil, adhesives, grease, sealants, dirt, grime, animal messes, shoes, engines, plumbing, fireplace soot, and SO MUCH MORE!

  • Made from spunlace and other materials that have great attributes
  • Softer and more durable, they will stay on job longer!
  • More absorbent than other wipes
  • 50-60% more BIODEGRADABLE!
  • Intelligent chemical blend – strong cleaning power, no sticky feeling left on hands


did you know?

In 2021, Orbizorb LLC became the primary sponsor for Thad Moffit’s No. 46 Ford Fusion design, which debuted at the Mid-Ohio 150 race and the Milwaukee Mile Race.